Home Renovation Oshawa

Like man grows old, so does a home. Fortunately, however, the beauty and freshness of your home can always be restored even to the extent that it is better than the original. If you are looking to reinvent the attractiveness of your home, or just to eliminate unnecessary energy expenditure, then you are at the right place. We have extensive experience in interior and exterior home renovation, and, as basement renovation always says, have always stood out as the best home renovators in Oshawa. Our services range from Kitchen renovation, Bathroom renovation, attic insulation, and more.

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen, being one of the most active rooms in any household, is usually one of the first to “grow old and get outdated.” This means you may find yourself needing to renovate your kitchen every few years, even when the other rooms will still be looking fine. We know that this is not always very easy. Neither is it ever going to be affordable. That is why we offer you long-lasting solutions with our renovation services.

To give your kitchen floor the strength that it will need to keep it going for long, we always give you durable options like large granite tiles, marble, concrete or wooden floors which can withstand the movements and activities of the kitchen for a long enough time before you can consider another renovation. We have well-trained experts who will fix the tiles without leaving any disconnections with your floor. We usually recommend neutral colors for your kitchen, but will always give you the best when it comes to color combination to ensure conformity with the walls and the adjacent rooms.

Our kitchen renovation services do not stop at that, but we also fix all issues with your cabinet and kitchen store. We will clean your counter and replace every worn out parts. We also install durable kitchen cabinets and all other built-ins.

Bathroom Renovation

Just like the kitchen, the bathroom is another very busy part of your house that always gets worn out ahead of the other rooms. As such, you will always find it necessary to attend to the bathroom after every few years, or sometimes even months. We will re-glaze your bathtubs and showers, and work on your floors at very affordable costs. We also have several excellent options for your bathroom mirror, which our experts fix with total precision to avoid any possibilities of falling off.

With the increase in the number of bathroom accidents, we recommend replacing your smooth bathroom floors with rougher options like marble and concrete. Our experts have extensive experience in fixing these, and are able to give them the same beauty you would expect with the other flooring options.

Outdoor Renovation

Apart from the inside of your house, the compound, fence and gate also often need renovation. That is why we employ the most experienced technicians with modern installation and maintenance techniques to handle your gates and fences. Our professionals are the best when it comes to modern gate and fence installation. We can fit your gate with an ultramodern remote control system. We also install and renovate electric security gates. Our experience and prowess in fixing customizable gates are the most outstanding in the entire Oshawa, and we can fit your gate with modern gate operators and access controls.

We will also install your fence, whether chain link, cedar or post and wire fencing, with the best expertise you can ever find in Oshawa. We measure your fencing dimensions with high accuracy, leading to the installation that is perfect as per your definition. Depending on your security needs, we will recommend for you several options that take care of your security needs while also giving your home the beauty you so much long for.

Handyman Services

All these renovations would be meaningless without some essential handyman services that help to perfect the image of your home and performance of different systems within it. That is why our services always complete with handyman services. We have the most experienced experts to fix your drainage system issues, filling all the leakages within the system with much expertise. We will also clean and unclog your gutters and help in trimming and weeding your gardens.

If you are looking for expert home renovation services in Oshawa, please call us, and we will give you the best services you have ever desired.

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